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What is a Network Security Key

Lot’s of time we heard about the network security key but amongst few people know the correct and exact meaning of network security key.

In this article, we explain to you each and everything about network security key its uses, types of a network security key, etc.

Let’s start:-

The network security key is a type of password that we use to connect wireless networks we can also call it wifi password or wireless network password.

The network security key is very important for every wireless network without a network security key anyone can able to access our network. A network security key makes our network secure and safe.

Why we need network security?

  • Network security helps us to secure our network
  • It helps us to make sure that the data is available, which only to the intended and authorized persons.
  • It provides us full control over the network.
  • It helps to defeat many internets or website threats to entering our network.

Types of a network security key

Basically, there are three types of network security key

1.WEP(Wired equivalent privacy)

2.WPA(WiFi protected access)

3.WPA2(WiFi protected access 2)


WEP key is the type of password that we use to connect the WiFi network or wireless network. It is one of the oldest types of keys it uses a 40-bits key for encryption of the data.

WEP key can only use the numbers between 0 to 9 and can only use the letters between A to F.

Nowadays probably no one is using the WEP key because it is easily cracked by hackers.


WPA security key is the advanced version of the security key it is more secure then they WEP network security key.WPA stands for WiFi protected access.

WPA security key is verified that only legit people are allowed to access the network. WPA is very friendly to all the wireless adapters. But it not works with old networks or routers.


Nowadays probably everyone is using WPA2 because it is a secure network and it is very difficult for hackers to crack it.

WPA2 is the latest version of the network security key after this we are going to use WPA3 as soon as possible.

How to find network security key on a Router?

We can easily find the network security key that is labeled bottom or back to the router. But many manufactured use different labeled for it.

Every manufacturer uses a similar phrase like:-

  • Password (key)
  • Wireless password
  • WPA keys

How to find network security key on windows?

Here are the steps to finding network security key on windows:-

STEP 1– Right-click the network icon in the Taskbar.

STEP 2– Select Open Network & Internet settings.

STEP 3– Click on connections.

STEP 4– Click on Wireless Properties.

STEP 5–  Click on the Security tab.

STEP 6– Click the show character checkbox to view the security key.

It will appear like that

How to find network security on Mac?

Here are some easy steps to check Mac wifi password:-

STEP 1– Type Keychain Access into Spotlight search at the top-right menu bar.

STEP 2– In the sidebar, make sure you click on Passwords, then search for the network you want the password for and double click on it.

STEP 3– Click on Show Password. Confirm your administrator username and password.

STEP 4– You may be prompted to enter your administrator name and password again.

STEP 5– The Wi-Fi password should appear in the text box next to Show Password.

It will appear like that

What is network security key mismatch?

The network security key mismatch means that when you are trying to connect to the network and entered password and get an error so that is called network security key mismatch that means you are entered the wrong key.

So, how to fix it, here are some solutions to resolve it

1- Foremost reason for network key mismatch is that when we enter a wrong password. So, you need to make sure that you will enter the letters in the upper and lower case exactly in the same way as defined as a network key.

2- If you are entering the right password and if still, the problem persists, then restart your device like restart the router or PC whichever you are using. Sometimes the device will hang, and when you give a restart, it will start working regularly.

3- Some times the WiFi network which you are trying to access is not compatible with your device. So it is showing a password mismatch message. Hence, you need to check which version of the Wi-Fi network your device can support.

4- However, if it not resolved, then you need to reset the entire system. Then you need to login to the router and then create a new network name.

5- Again search for the network that you want to connect with and then add the new network security key.


I hope this article solves all your questions related to the network security key if you have more questions about the network security key then leave a comment.

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