network security for home

Using the internet has become necessary for all of us, Today there are millions of people who are connected to the internet.

However, it also increases the risk of security threats and scams. We all know that the internet is very useful for us, but sometimes it’s disclose our privacy.

That is why network security for the home becomes very beneficial for us.

In this article, we discuss about how to improve our network security for the home in 2021.

Make Sure Your Network Security is Enabled

Always enable your network security. At our home, there are several devices that are connected with the same network such as smartphones, laptops, pcs, tablets, TVs, wearable devices.

Malicious code, malware, or hackers that get entrance to one Internet-enabled device will have the capability to affect or steal private information from any other device connected to the related network.

Each associated device necessity has the most advanced operating system, security software, and web browsers. 

Secure Your Router

There are lots of people who use routers as their primary network to connect with the internet. when someone installs a router for their home so then they get the name of the network and password of the network.

We strongly suggest you to don’t use same network name and password.

Hackers can get entrance to your router model with an easy Google search. Once they have access, they can reset your password, rename your network, and modify any configurations from the possible options.

Follow these steps to secure your home network security

  • Make a guest password:- If many guests come to your home then make a separate network for them.
  • Use a strong password:- Always use a strong password with multiple characters.
  • Change the Router Preset Passphrase:- Each router comes with a default passphrase, also known as a WPA or network Security Key. This is the password that connects you to the wireless network. Use a strong password that is at least 12 characters long.

You can also choose some advanced security options if your provider offers you such as WPA2 otherwise you can use normal options like WPA and WEP.

Always update your software

If you always update your software then your network has become more secure and safe, a software update is very important for fix the vulnerabilities and threats that are newly made.

This is the most important thing to do in the world of cybersecurity.

We strongly recommended you to regularly update your software to make your home network more secure.

Use a network firewall

A network firewall is a security device that stops unauthorized access in the private network. It only allows the legit and authorized person to use the network.

Firewalls can be either hardware or software. In interest to restricting access to a protected computer and network, a firewall can log all traffic getting into or moving a network, and maintain remote access to a private network by strong authentication certificates and logins.

Many router companies provide an inbuilt network firewall that is really helpful to defense against the DDOS attack (Distributed Denial of Service).

Always check that your firewall is enable or not because sometimes it turned off by default.

Some types of malware are created to gain access to your network to utilize delicate information such as credit card info, bank account numbers, or additional exclusive data like customer knowledge that is why a firewall is essential.

Uninstall unwanted software and services

It is very important to delete the unused and unwanted software from your devices, It can increase the security risks for us and break privacy.

When we buy a new computer we get some pre-installed software that is in the trial version, it can easily reduce our network performance.

Use only legit and trustworthy softwares because the are literally safe and secure.

Regularly backup your data

To make your information safe we suggest you to always backup your data.

Regularly taking backup is protect you from data loss, infection, data corruption. Utilize a cloud-based service, external media, or a third-party backup application to automate and clarify the process. Don’t forget to encrypt the backup to guard it.

If somehow you get hacked at least you can recover your files.


We strongly recommend you to follow these basic steps to prevent your privacy in 2021.

We hope that all your doubt has been solved that is related to the network security for the home in 2021.

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