5G network technology

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks in the Telecommunication.5G network technology is a new wireless network after 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G.

5G network is much better than the old generations. It has supreme performance than the old generations and improved efficiency empowers new user experiences and provides us to make new industries, It is a revolution in the cellular network.

5G VS 4G

5G transmitted a high amount of data more efficiently than 4G. 5G network is more powerful than 4G.

That means good network reliability, quick downloads, and it can able to connect more devices than its older version.

20-30 milliseconds
<10 milliseconds
Average Speed25 Mbps200-400mbps

What is the speed of 5G?

The speed of 5G is much better than it’s old generations there is a huge difference between them.

according to estimates, the speed of 5G is 20 times better than 4G .4G has the fastest speed of 1GB per second.

Theoretically, 5G can touch the speed of 20GB per second. This is the power of a 5G network maybe in the future we can easily download things in minimum time.

So, we have just to see that when 5G completely come to our world and what is the practical speed of it.

As we all know the 4G network not able to give 10MB per second in the real world, whereas the 5G network can able to give us 100MB per second every day.

When 5G comes to India?

According to an estimate, the 5G network technology comes to India in the year 2022.

But, it is not 100% sure that 5G network technology comes to India in 2022, Probably it comes earlier or later.


In this article, we can easily understand that the 5G network is much better than the old networks, and in the future, we don’t suffer from bad internet speed.

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