As we all know that Technology is developing day by day, for the last 10 years we use to see many exciting and fascinating gadgets in our world.

Now, do you guess what type of technology you are going to see tomorrow? So here I am informing you about some primary technologies that you are going to see in the future.

So,without wasting time let’s start

1.AI(Artificial intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is one of the top technology that we are going to see in the future. We are going to see smart computer assistance.

In computer science, an artificial intelligence called machine intelligence. Where a machine learns by itself.

some AI(Artificial intelligence) gadgets are:-

  • Home assistance devices
  • Smart lighting
  • Climate control
  • Smart security system
  • Smart washing machines
  • Robotic vacuum cleaner

2.IoT(Internet of things)

IoT technology is growing very fastly, This technology allows devices to connect to the internet.

 It is estimated that by the year 2020, almost a quarter of billion cares will get hooked by the Internet, making them even the near future, we are going to see IoT devices becoming more and more popular, for many general-purpose computing tasks.

Some IoT(Internet of things) gadgets are:-

  • Google Home Voice Controller
  • Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller
  • Amazon Dash Button
  • August Doorbell Cam
  • August Smart Lock
  • Kuri Mobile Robot
  • Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch
  • Footbot Air Quality Monitor.


Natural language processing (NLP) is a subfield of linguistics, computer science, information engineering, and artificial intelligence involved with the interplays among computers and human (natural) languages, in particular how to program computers to prepare and analyze large amounts of natural language data.

The global Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market Growth valued at million US$ in 2018 and will reach million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of during 2020-2026.

Eventually, NLP will be programmed in such a way that it understands more complex elements of human emotions such as sarcasm, humor, irony, cynicism, and satire.

4.Blockchain Technology

you will definitely know about of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, cryptocurrency uses the method of blockchain.

SO, what is blockchain according to Wikipedia, A blockchain, originally blockchain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data.

Yes,definitely blockchain is the future of the world.

Companies that use blockchain:-

  • SALT Lending
  • Mythical Games
  • Gemini
  • Circle
  • Coinbase
  • Chronicled
  • IBM
  • Voatz

5.Facial Recognition

As we all understand that today’s smartphones utilize face recognition to unlock your phone as iPhone comes with the most trustworthy facial recognition.

In the future, with the cooperation of this technology, software development companies will be utilizing this technology for producing a series of applications. By 2020, you will be able to unlock your house, car, etc., with the guidance of facial technology.

6.Edge computing

Edge computing is a kind of computing that is done at or near the source of the data, instead of relying on the cloud at one of the many data centers to do all the necessary work.

Edge computing is going to be very useful for us in future.

7.Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

A few of the many industry sectors that are taking advantage of AR/VR technologies and exploring all options are the manufacturing healthcare and transport industry. The VR headsets today, are difficult to use since they require sensors and cables attached to a computer, however, these devices, too, are evolving, with the help of the mobile and wireless devices.

This evolution will allow businesses to build AR/VR features into larger & more holistic applications, creating a complete set of capabilities for more meaningful customer experiences.

8. Autonomous Driving

 Autonomous Driving is one of the greatest technology that we going to see in the future, It is going to be very useful for us.

We saw automatic driving vehicles in many science fiction movies but in the future, it is going to become real. Many companies like Tesla and Alphabet have an idea of driverless vehicles.

So,who knows one day we are using driverless vehicles!


AI(Artificial intelligence) is very useful for automation, many times factories need robots to perform tasks in an accurate manner and faster.

Food, medical, beverage & customer service will also become further automated and streamlined by the time 2020 hits.

Definitely, Automation is the future of the world.

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