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As we all know that supercomputers are used for various purposes like weather forecasting, testing nuclear weapons, etc.

In medical science, Supercomputers can be used in designing new medicines, solving complex physics equations that model the molecular processes and interactions of a new drug with human tissues. They can also aid in: The development of personalized and precision medicine to make treatments more effective.

The supercomputer is helping to fight against coronavirus?

Well the answer to this question is very interesting,

Viruses infect cells by binding to them and using a ‘spike’ to inject their genetic material into the host cell. To understand new biological compounds, like viruses, researchers in wet labs grow the micro-organism and see how it reacts in real-life to the introduction of new compounds. This is a slow process without powerful computers that can perform digital simulations to narrow down the range of potential variables.

Computer simulations can examine how different variables react with different viruses. Each of these individual variables can comprise billions of unique data points. When certain data points are compounded with various simulations, this can enhance a very time-intensive method if a conventional computing system is done.

Result:-yes, it is helpful to fight against coronavirus.

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