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Lots of time we heard about some dangerous hacking in the world, If you are on the internet that means your not a hundred percent safe and secure.

Even your Email can be hacked or cracked. we know that nowadays email addresses of a person become like oxygen because you use your email in many places for example- social media, school, government websites, or in some personal uses. then how to secure email?🙄

So, straight to our point

In this article we going to discuss some important things to protected our email and be safe and secure in our life.

Email security(ways to how to secure email):-

The email could be a howling tool, no doubt, however, it’s not while not security problems. Typical email configuration leave senders of email to spoof their address and send an email message in plain text. even worse, it is troublesome for a recipient associate email to verify that the sender is really the UN agency sent the message. we have got many security tools at our disposal to confirm confidentiality and integrity. Here is a unit with a number of those tools.

  1. S/MIME, or secure utile net mail extensions, provides basic cryptanalytic services for email sent via the net. hottest browsers and email shoppers support S/MINE, creating it among the additional fashionable cryptanalytic email security services on the market.
  2. MOSS or MINE object security services, could be a less-common, additional in-depth suite of security services for email.
  3. PEM or Privacy increased mail, provides 3DES secret writing for email.
  4. PGP or Pretty smart privacy is an associate ASCII text file and an intensely fashionable email security suite that uses a plan to inscribe email and validate the signature.

Email additionally incorporates a few security vulnerabilities

  • Spam is one of all the foremost usually mentioned nuisances, however, did we all know it’s really thought of as a security threat? By preventative the email server, widespread spam denies the user handiness, a key element of the central intelligence agency triangle. some spam solutions embody user educations, email filtering, and coverage of spam to the correct authorities.
  • open relays area unit email server that forwards an email with none quite authentications. In alternative words, Open relays enable malicious users to send bulk emails while not work on the associate email servers. An honest email security server setup perpetually includes a non-open relay server (or attested relay server).
  • Malicious software: clearly, viruses and worms area unit an outsized drawback. servals propagate via email messages that area unit mechanically sent by infected hosts. One of the additional common solutions is to virus scan and filter incoming email.

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