weird websites

The internet is containing lots of websites But did you ever imagine that it also has some unique and interesting stuff, There are hundreds of weird websites.

So, In this article, we are going to discuss some top weird websites on the internet.


weird website

It is an exciting and informative website on the internet; It shows the measurement of each element of our universe.

This website is very knowledgeable and unique, you should try it.

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weird website

This website is very useful for all of us, It tells the air-traffic all over the world.

It also finds your location and tells that which airplane is flying over you.

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3. (weird website)

weird website is the weirdest website.

This website is really impressive and adorable, It is the best source for time pass and fun.

We personally recommend this website to visit.

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weird website

This website is the most uselessšŸ˜‚ and weird we ever visited.

But really it is a good source of entertainment.

Actually, it’s a really weird website.

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weird website

You can see that this website has a very weird name.

This website is very useful for today’s world because we are very depressed and we want to release our stress.

By clicking on the blue button there is a sound come and then you start feeling better.

It is very useful when we ruin something important for us.

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weird website

An eel types creature that moves very fastly when you move your mouse pointer.

It is the weirdest and strange website.

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weird website

This is a commercial type website for weird products.

If you want to buy some weird products then you should visit it.

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top weird website

If you love the sound of rain then this website is for you.

This website is very amazing and interesting it is good for sleep and study.

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weird website

This website shows the different locations of the world without any name.

Try this weird website it’s really cool.

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fun website

This website is really very weird like its name.

Well, it is really good for time-pass and fun.

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