how to remove phone number from Instagram

Nowadays, everybody using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These platforms are very good but sometimes it breaks our privacy, so in this article, we give some steps to remove a phone number from Instagram.

Well, it is not such a huge task to prevent our privacy but it helps us in some points.

Remove your phone number from Instagram

Well removing a phone number from Instagram is not rocket science, you just have to do some easy steps and your phone number is removed by your Instagram accounts.

So, here are the steps:-

Step 1- Open the Instagram app on your phone and click on the bottom right corner.

steps to remove phone number from   Instagram.

Step 2- After clicking that you have come to the profile page, then click on the edit profile.

steps to remove phone number from   Instagram.

Step 3- After doing that you come to the edit options and here you can easily remove or change the phone number.

These steps are for mobile phones.

There are similar steps to change the number from Instagram on a computer, you just need to visit and then do the same steps.

Point to be noted- On the computer you find the option at the top right corner.

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