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What is a Technical Artist?

technical artist

The technical artist is a new field in the market, It is a combination of an artist and a computer programmer. Basically, a technical artist is a person that has artistic skills with technical knowledge.

The main focus of the technical artist is to combine the art into the game without crossing the technical boundaries.

What does a technical artist do?

The work of the technical artist is very similar to the imaginative director and as a computer programmer. Basically, they work like the mediator between the artists and the programmer.

They make work easier for artists with the help of their technical knowledge and experience.

If a programmer wants to create some complex things then their role is to decrease its complexity and find the easiest way to do it.

They also find and manage the execution of rendering techniques such as normal and specular maps, particle systems, and pixel shaders.

Where technical artist work?

The work of technical artists is increasing day by day, but nowadays they normally work for gaming consoles or computer-based video games.

The demand for this work is growing very fastly by seeing the video games craze in peoples.

They can also work for any other creative field like animated movies.

How to become a technical artist?

To become a technical artist you need at least one degree in visual art and some technical knowledge.

You should have a good experience(at least 2-5 years).

Great knowledge of art tools and game hardware for work on good projects.

You should have great communication skills.

Be highly skilled in 3D graphics software.

Good knowledge of future technology and gaming.


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