how to get job on google

Nowadays every college student and person want’s to get a job on google.

As we all know that Google is one of the biggest companies in the world and none of us feel offended if we say Google is the king of the internet.

There are thousands of people in the world who wanted to work on google.

So the point is: how to get hired by Google? what is the qualification required?

In this article, we will clear all your doubts related to getting a job on google.

How to apply for getting a job on google

Applying for google is one of the best experiences for everyone.

Google inspires candidates to match your talents and interests to jobs you’re passionate about and the queries you want to solve.

There are some ways for applying:

1. Apply online using the website

Applying for google via using the website is the most common way.

You can visit the website for applying, After visiting the website you easily understand how to apply and what is the process of getting hired.

That site has everything about google jobs, what are the deadlines? How many jobs can I apply for? Can I apply for multiple jobs?

These basic questions of yours are clear in careers.

2. Getting the job on google by campus placement

If you are from a reputed college like IITs, Harvard, Oxford, etc.

Then there are high chances that you crack google interviews and become a googler.

But if you have good programming knowledge then google hires you even without a college degree.

There some cases where google hires people even without a high school mark sheet, but that is a very rare case.

3. (APAC) Asia pacific test

The APAC test is organized by Google.

The motive of this test is to find young talent in computer science. It is a type of coding competition.

What to do after applying on google?

Well, after applying it takes 2 months for the complete process normally.

The selection process of google is very unique, Analysts concentrate more on the applicant than the application.

Telephonic interview

If a recruiter likes your application then they call you for a telephonic interview. In this interview google team or recruiter asks you lots of questions.

The questions are related to the data structure and algorithm. They also ask you lots of programming and coding questions.

They give you lots of problems related to your field that you pick and you have to solve them.

Onsight interview

If you are able to clear the first interview then google calls you for an onsight interview.

This interview is held on google offices, where googlers ask you some questions: related to leadership,  general cognitive ability, your views for a company, etc.

Onsight interview takes time only 45-55 minutes. In this interview, google take care of all your transportation cost.

Qualification required for getting a job on google

  1. Degree of Bachelor of Technology( Master of computer applications(MCA).
  2. 65% in your full academic career.
  3. Good communications skills and full knowledge of your role in google.
  4. Internet, web research, online advertising, fraud detection, numerical analysis, e-commerce.
  5. Excellent knowledge of maths, reasoning, good writing skills, verbal’s.
  6. Good programing skills like C, C++, JAVA, etc.
  7. Full knowledge of computers, software, and hardware.
  8. Knowledge of information security.

Job categories on google

There several job categories on google.


For technicals roles:- Software engineering, STA(static timing analysis), Application Development, Product management.


Quantitive business analysis, business operation management, sales strategy.

Design category:-

UI, UX, UX writer, visual designer, UX researcher.

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