software to stop phishing attacks

Phishing safety must be pinnacle precedence for businesses in 2022, for the reason that the pandemic induced a 600% spike in phishing assaults a remaining year. A fundamental junk mail filtering device isn’t enough, for the reason that attackers now use state-of-the-art social engineering strategies to make the most human psychology and stay clear of fixed-rules-primarily based totally e-mail filtering blockading mechanisms.

The ten software program structures indexed below (in alphabetical order) are geared to defend your enterprise from e-mail-associated threats, catering to lots of use cases. Here’s how those ten answers stack up in phrases of the six must-have functions we noted earlier.

1. SpamTitan Email Security

As the call suggests, SpamTitan Email Security is a specialized anti-junk mail provider that may be deployed as a gateway hardware appliance, a cloud provider, on a personal cloud, or integration with Office 365. No depend on which answer you choose, it protects in opposition to malicious emails and suspicious messages via auto-gaining knowledge of and heuristics.

Customizable rules and blocklists in line with user, area, area group, and system.

Security towards inflamed attachments via way of means of blocking off of attachments via way of means of kind or area files.

2. Zerospam

Like SpamTitan, Zerospam is likewise an unsolicited mail safety and anti-phishing software, however, this answer makes use of proprietary AI and ML to discover threats. Zerospam is totally cloud-based; it companions with numerous IT and cybersecurity professionals to enhance its features.

Safe attachment assurance and malicious file auto-quarantine.

Pre-filtering before the email content or subject is exposed.

3. Phish Protection by DuoCircle

Duocircle is an electronic mail safety issuer recognized for its easy mail switch protocol (SMTP) service. It makes use of SMTP to offer inbound electronic mail safety, protection towards phishing, ransomware and malicious websites shared through electronic mail.

Ransomware and malware protection. Real-time hyperlink checking and validation in opposition to 6 URL popularity databases

4. Proofpoint Email Security and Protection

Proofpoint is a globally identified cybersecurity answers provider, and its e-mail answer is extraordinarily comprehensive. It protects against phishing and imposter emails and additionally helps you to hint at the starting place of email messages.

Email classifier to categorize emails into classes like an impostor, phishing, malware, spam, bulk mail, personalized content, and circle of trust.

Admin controls for handling encrypted messages/low-precedence and taking actions.

5.  Area 1 Horizon Anti-Phishing Service

Area 1 Horizon is a cloud-primarily based totally carrier that gives safety from phishing at the web, email, and network-primarily based totally vectors. The enterprise has a unique platform that operates thru APIs, additionally prepared with analytics and recommendations.

Email phishing safety thru geo-distributed, scalable mail switch agent (MTA) service.

Proprietary algorithms for emergent marketing campaign identity and assault correlation

6. Mimecast Email Security with Threat Protection

Mimecast is a main cloud protection supplier with an effective electronic mail chance prevention offering. The company’s cloud-primarily based totally anti-phishing software program defends inbound malware, SPAM, spear phishing, and zero-day attacks. The company’s merchandise additionally encompasses statistics protection, consciousness training, and net protection, amongst others.

Browser isolation to isolate the effect of URL clicking and browsing.

Mimecast steady messaging and huge record ship for steady communication

7. GreatHorn

This cloud-local e-mail safety carrier protects you from phishing assaults on Office 365 channels and G Suite, along with spear phishing, BEC, and emails sporting malware or ransomware. GreatHorn’s anti-phishing software program is powered through AI and ML.

RESTful API for integrating together along with your present protection solutions. End-person cognizance via banners, real-existence warnings, coverage violations, etc.

8.Avanan Cloud Email Security

Avanan is an email protection answer that protects against phishing assaults on any email client/on the spontaneous messaging service, together with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc. It is beneficial for detecting social engineering campaigns that can be released through collaboration channels, further to conventional email.

Cloud app integration for collaboration, email, messaging, and file-sharing tools.

AI to identify correlations among employees, emailing habits, and communication


IRONSCALES is a self-gaining knowledge of electronic mail safety platform powered through AI. It assists you to detect, remediate, expect and save you phishing attacks, imparting insurance in opposition to zero-day threats. You can use IRONSCALES for phishing safety withinside the Office 365 surroundings as well.

Crowd-sourced danger searching from outside and inside of the organization.

Threat simulation for phishing assault evaluation and person training

10.  Cofense

Cofense is an anti-phishing professional that gives a huge variety of merchandise to deal with phishing risks. This consists of a studying control machine for attention training, a phishing detection and reporting service, worker resilience, and phishing danger intelligence.

Over 25 million international risk journalists for a dynamically up-to-date risk database.

Integrations with endpoint security, next-gen firewalls, SIEM, and SOAR systems.