Lando Norris

After a Grand Prix which saw McLaren constrict the gap to rivals Alpine by four points, Lando Norris said he reckoned the French platoon had the brisk auto in Mexico, but McLaren did a better job of executing the race weekend.

Norris started the race in eighth but lost out to both Alpines of Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon on the first stage, dropping down to 10th. He maintained that position before switching from the mediums to the hard tire as he tried to avoid the undercut from AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda – who changed from the softs to the mediums.
Norris was also suitable to make his way past Valtteri Bottas for tenth towards the end of the race. Alonso’s withdrawal saw him gain a place to ninth after he also let platoon copulate Daniel Ricciardo – on the soft tire – through to finish seventh, ahead of Ocon.
Speaking after a 14th top- 10 finish of the season, a satisfied Norris said “ We did a good job. We had to cover Yuki veritably beforehand on, the hard tire. That opened up the chance for Daniel to go veritably long and on to the softs, which gave him the occasion to finish seventh and score some precious points for us.

“ I suppose we did a good job, did what we had to do at certain points, but we still looked at the big picture and the other side did a veritably good job moment. I’m happy. Especially on a day like a moment when trustability was important. Two of our buses finished and not a lot of the others did. Happy with the platoon. ”
With Alonso’s withdrawal and both McLarens in the top 10, it meant the papaya buses came down with an aggregate of eight points, to Alpine’s four – narrowing the gap to the French platoon’s lead in fourth place in the constructors’ crown to just seven points, with two races to go.

“ Of course, the further points the better,” said Norris.” We did a good job. I don’t suppose we had the hastily buses moment than the Alpine but formerly again as a platoon we did a better job. ”
Norris also praised the work of his platoon copulate Ricciardo, who made his way through the field to finish seventh, as the Briton revealed it was always the plan that one of them would look to go on to the soft tire at the end of the race.
“ I mean Daniel was in a lucky position that he could just stay out and do anything he wanted, which in other races I ’ve been suitable to do, like in Monza and so on, ” Norris said.

“ And moment it just advantaged him. It obviously worked out well. We had that plan from the morning if someone was in that position, and Daniel was that joe and so he made up for it and made the utmost of it. He did a good job. ”