Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray and the Cardinals spent a lot of the 2022 offseason in a standoff. Murray deleted the platoon from his social media; general director Steve Keim and trainer Kliff Kingsbury were indistinctive about the quarterback’s future in Arizona.

In the end, Murray and the Cardinals agreed to a contract extension ahead of the 2022 season, and the drama desisted.
But also the drama incontinently returned. It came public knowledge that the contract which made Murray the third-loftiest paid QB in the NFL by average periodic payment — included a clause that needed him to put in a certain number of hours of film study during the week.

The clause drew so important sport that the Cardinals ultimately dropped it from Murray’s contract, which only increased the sport for a time.

” After seeing the distraction it created, we removed the addendum from the contract,” the Cardinals said in a statement.” It was easily perceived in ways that were in no way intended. Our confidence in Kyler Murray is as high as it’s ever been and nothing demonstrates our belief in his capability to lead this platoon further than the commitment reflected in this contract.”

A near look at Murray’s five-time,$230.5 million extension, which will begin in 2024 and run through his Age 31 season in 2028.
Kyler Murray’s contract details
Murray’s contract is for five times and$230.5 million, with$ 160 million guaranteed. It’s fairly unevenly loaded.

A look at what he’ll make in each time of the extension, plus the numbers for the final two times of his novitiate deal, including the fifth-time option for 2023 the Cardinals picked up before the extension was agreed upon. ( numbers taken from Spotrac.)

YearYearly cashBase salaryRoster bonus

Next, is the cap hit each year

YearCap hit

Murray’s payment figures put him in the upper stratum by nearly any metric. He is fourth in total value, behind Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Russell Wilson. He is third in average periodic value, behind Aaron Rodgers and Wilson. He’s third in total guarantees, behind Deshaun Watson and Wilson.

What was the independent study clause in Kyler Murray’s contract?
After Murray’s extension was blazoned, a piece of information came public that boggled minds the pact included a clause calling the quarterback to take part in an independent study.

Anyone who watches the NFL knows that brigades place great emphasis on film study and medication, so it was shocking to see a demand that Murray spends a certain number of hours studying for games on his own, without television or videotape games as a distraction.

The clause produced severe counterreaction and the Cardinals snappily removed it. Murray also gave an unscheduled press conference to reply to its addition. He said it was” kind of a joke” that people allowed
he did not study on his own.