Indian navy

With the hazard of cyber assaults mounting in opposition to the Indian armed forces, the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) is making plans to ship as many as a hundred employees to the US to educate in modern-day cybersecurity generation and synthetic intelligence (AI) for destiny warfare.

According to South Block officials, the US, beneath neath the 2016 Cyber Framework and defense cooperation agreement, has supplied to educate as much as a hundred army employees in Silicon Valley to present them first-hand revel in on a way to counter cyber battle and AI function in destiny defense and battle.

While the Indian army has a tri-provider defense cyber company beneath neath the included headquarters, the authorities are in favor of putting in place a right cyber command withinside the hinterlands of Madhya Pradesh to present the preventing side to the proposed theatre commands. The proposed cyber command will marry the man or woman abilities of all of the 3 offerings to shield the army from being liable to cyber-assaults from India’s adversaries.

The constitution of the command might be added to make sure that Indian army communications are stable and structures aren’t infected with any malware through adversaries withinside the ahead formations just like the touchy Siliguri Corps, Tezpur Corps, and the Northern Command together with the Ladakh Corps dealing with Tibet. The Siliguri Corps dealing with Chumbi Valley has withinside the beyond decade visible cyber assaults via malware for now no longer best corrupting the software program however additionally leakage of touchy documentation to the adversary.

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