Kaspersky has posted its document at the ICS Threat Landscape for H2 2020, revealing an growth in ransomware assaults on ICS computer systems. The document is primarily based totally on statistical statistics accumulated through the disbursed antivirus Kaspersky Security Network.

What’s withinside the document?

The statistics analyzed through the researchers are furnished through ICS computer systems which might be hosted in networks of commercial infrastructures, jogging Kaspersky safety products.

Around 33.4% of ICS computer systems have been focused through a few cyberattack withinside the 2nd 1/2 of of 2020, a 0.85% growth in comparison to H1.
In H2 2020, the ICS computer systems hit through attackers expanded in contrast to H1, in 62% of international locations. Between H1 2020 and H2 2019, the boom changed into 7%.
Saudi Arabia recorded the most boom (8.2%) withinside the variety of assaults. Globally, ICS computer systems focused through ransomware dropped from 0.63% in H1 2020 to 0.49% in H2 2020. 
However, professionals determined an growth in ransomware assaults in numerous international locations which include Western Europe (0.13%), Australia (0.23%), the U.S., and Canada with a 0.25% growth.

Additional insights
Although the document shows a drop has been determined withinside the ransomware assaults on ICS computer systems, the negative impact is represented through an growth in such assaults broadly speaking in evolved international locations.

In 2020, Kaspersky blocked ransomware contamination tries on 0.77% of ICS devices. Moreover, in phrases of the proportion of ICS computer systems focused through cyberattacks, Asian international locations lead the matter in contrast to the relaxation of the world.
In 2020, the ICS computer systems on which Kaspersky blocked malicious gadgets have been round 38.6%, (a lower of 7.8% than in 2019). Additionally, professionals did now no longer study any seasonal modifications in cyberattacks.

The latest assault fashion suggests the response of cybercriminals in the direction of the monetary outcomes of the pandemic. In international locations wherein businesses have been badly hit and volatile in jogging businesses, they confronted fewer assaults than businesses with economic stability—broadly speaking evolved international locations.

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