GPU-Based Malware Attack

Cybercriminals at the moment are supplying a technique to cover and execute malicious codes from the GPU. Recently, a submit became noticed on a hacker discussion board in which a person marketed a PoC for the same.

The submit on a hacker discussion board offers short facts concerning a technique that exploits the GPU reminiscence buffer to keep malicious code and execute it from there.
According to the vendor, the technique works on Windows structures with 2. zero and better variations of the OpenCL framework for strolling code on a couple of processors, alongside GPUs.
According to claims, actors correctly ran a test on snapshots playing cards from Radeon (RX 5700), GeForce (GTX 740M/GTX 1650), and Intel (UHD 620/630).
Also, there are a few different researchers operating at VX-Underground (a danger repository) who claimed that malicious code permits binary execution through the GPU in its reminiscence.

The commercial supplying the technique became first noticed on August eight and weeks later, the vendor had spoken back that the PoC became bought by a 3rd party.

A member of the hacker discussion board said that GPU-primarily based totally malware isn’t new and had already been visible before.
He referred to a six-year-antique PoC for a Linux-primarily based totally GPU rootkit, JellyFish.
Its authors had disclosed a couple of PoCs in May 2015 that protected a GPU-primarily based totally far off get admission to trojan and a GPU-primarily based totally keylogger for Windows.

To make clear any feasible doubts, the vendor marketing and marketing the latest PoC has denied any feasible reference to the JellyFish malware.

With cybercriminals selling and promoting GPU-primarily based totally malware on hacker forums, a terrific punch of technical capabilities or revolutionary use of this idea might also additionally result in the improvement of a brand new lethal danger. The achievement of such important initiatives might also additionally result in additional traction in such malware operations. Therefore, providers of GPUs have to be listening to it and begin imposing countermeasures.

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