apple cyber attack

Russia-primarily based totally hackers have hit Apple in a $50 million ransomware assault through a Taiwan-primarily based totally employer that manufactures MacBooks and different merchandise for the Cupertino-primarily based totally iPhone maker, the media reported.

According to The Record, the operators of the REvil ransomware are stressful that Apple pay a ransom call for to keep away from having exclusive statistics leaked at the Dark Web.

The cybercriminals timed the assault to coincide with Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event. Files leaked at the Dark Web display “schematics for Macbook laptops”.

REvil is a Russian hacking institution it’s additionally recognised through the call Sodinokibi.

The hackers claimed that they’ve Apple product information after breaching Quanta Computer, a Taiwanese employer this is the largest pc producer withinside the world.

“In a message published on a darkish net portal, the REvil gang stated that Quanta refused to pay to get its stolen information lower back and, as a result, the REvil operators have now determined to head after the employer’s number one consumer instead,” the record stated past due on Wednesday.

According to record, Quanta refused to pay the $50 million ransom for the information.

Reached out for comment, “Apple stated it become searching into the incident and had not anything to proportion on the moment”.

The Ravil operators stated withinside the message that “Our group is negotiating the sale of huge portions of exclusive drawings and gigabytes of private information with numerous principal brands. We endorse that Apple purchase lowers back the to be had information through May 1.”

Known clients of Quanta Computer encompass a number of the largest pc carriers withinside the world, which includes HP, Dell, Microsoft, Toshiba, LG, Lenovo, and lots of others, in line with the record.

Files leaked nowadays display schematics for Macbook laptops, none of which can be mainly touchy nor seem to encompass something past meeting statistics and technical details. One of the records become dated March 9, 2021, however is uncertain if the depicted product becomes new or simply up-to-date technical specs.

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